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Differences between a 501 c3 and a 501 c6

Both 501(c)(3) & 501(c)(6) organizations are tax-exempt from federal income taxes on the income raised or earned related to their exempt purposes.

The exempt purposes under 501(c)(3) are: religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, or to foster national or international amateur sports competition

The exempt purpose for the 501(c)(6) is to promote the common business of its members. Examples would be chambers of commerce, professional trade groups/member based organizations. 

My organization is struggling in a changing and evolving marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

There are thousands of organizations vying for a limited amount of available charitable contributions or dues dollars.  The simple answer for most organization is asking the question "Why us?" Asking the question of "why do we exist" is a great first start of a any strategic planning session.  What is your differential to attract and retain more funding and/or members? Has the deliverables (value proposition) of your organization fallen flat over the years like most organizations doing the same thing the same way year over year? Have you done a membership / donor assessment survey in seeking out what is needed or wanted? Simple exercises, such as the ones mentioned about, are easy methods when beginning to examine any struggles your are experiencing in the marketplace.

How do I know that Kairos Strategic Advisors is the right advisor agency for me?

Three decades of experience that has resulted in a long and diverse learning curve dealing with all aspects of an organization. 

  • Over 30-years of hands-on experience working directly for both state and national organizations, with annual operating budgets of $1.5 million to $50 million

  • Former Executive Directors/CEOs, EVPs, SVP, Directors of Membership, Marketing & Communications, of Nonprofits. 

  • Previous core responsibilities in the areas of administration and operations, governance, membership growth and retention, educational programing & development, conference & event planning, endorsed service provider programs (royalty producers), government & regulatory relations, and marketing & communications  

30 years of lessons learned, and the vast amount of diverse knowledge derived, will provide a great impact to any organization that is in transition or looking for growth.